Wednesday 23 November 2011

An Introduction

People often ask me how I came about starting my company. There are many answers to this - I was looking for a fresh idea, the timing was right, and there was virtually no competent competition in this field back in 2004. But the real reasons are that I love building a company that change people’s lives, and I love the technology we work with, and the way it constantly changes.

My father was a great bridge player (a county master no less) and could knock off the Times crossword in 30 minutes. My own intellectual challenges come at me thick and fast all day, every day, as I try to ride the leading edge of a huge wave of new technology. I haven't completed a crossword in years; there simply isn't the time.

It wasn't always like this. Back in the late eighties when I first owned a PC I also had copies of a sizeable proportion of all the commercially available software that had been written at that time (some of it was even legal).

Ten year later that would have been impossible as the market for software was so much larger, but I was able to master the skills of windows server administration in just a couple of years.

Move on another decade and a single administrator will struggle to cover even half of the Microsoft server technologies that have been spawned from the original product family. 

The truth is that to even understand the capabilities of what we can do with computers is a full time job, and it’s a job I love.