Monday 23 October 2023

January 2024 Price Increases


When we last increased our prices on 1st  May 2017 I commented that we were living in interesting times, as Brexit loomed and costs began to rise. Everything is, I suppose, relative, so after the horror of the pandemic, actual Brexit, the cost of living crisis, and now war in Europe and the Middle East one has to wonder what the next six years will have in store. 

Business is tough for all of us right now, and to ensure that we are still here in six years time it's inevitable that we need to increase our charges. I've tried to keep these as low as possible because I want us to remain affordable for those who might struggle to pay for what are now essential services, so our base billing rate will change from £80 to £100 per hour from 1st January. This means our charges will be:

In-House or Remote Support
First quarter hour - £30.00+VAT
Each subsequent quarter hour - £25.00 VAT

Call-out Charges
First half hour - £70.00+VAT
Each subsequent quarter hour - £25.00 VAT

Weekend/post 6pm rates: add £5.00+VAT per quarter hour

 If you wish to beat these prices increases then we would invite you to take advantage of our Guardian Angels package, our unlimited remote support and telephone support deal which will remain at the old billing rate of £25 plus VAT per person. This includes a Service Level Agreement so that you can benefit from guaranteed response times, and for those who want a higher level of service we will offer packages that also include free on-site support. Please let us know if you want more information about this.